Python Tutorials

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Audio Podcasts from PyCon 2009

ShowMeDo's Learning Path Tutorials

Setting Up Python
Beginning Python Programming
Intermediate Python
Python for Strong Pythonistas
Full Projects in Python
pyGame for Python Games
Python 3.0 Introduction
Scientific Python Programming
Python GUI Programming
Beginner Python Web Programming
Beginner Django Programming
Python IDEs and Tools

New Stuff

Create Python GUIs using HTML
Online Videos from PyCon 2009
Functional Testing of GUI Applications
Metaclasses in Five Minutes
Easy AI with Python by Richard Hettinger
Generator Tricks for Systems Programmers
A Curious Course on Coroutines and Concurrency
Monads in Python
Python 3.0 Tutorial
Short Intro to Python by Alex Martelli

Video Tutorials

Python Screencasts: the Best Tech Videos on the Net
Show-Me-Do Video Tutorials
Brad Allen's Collection of Video Tutorials
VPython Video Tutorials
Introduction to Programming with Python and Tkinter Video Tutorials

Categorized Tutorials

Beginners (22)
Biology, Bioinformatics and BioPython (7)
Concurrent Programming (2)
Continuations (3)
Curses (3)
Databases (12)
Date and Time Usage (1)
Debuggers (1)
Decorators (6)
Descriptors (1)
Django (9)
Extending and Embedding (8)
Firedrop (2)
Flash (3)
Functional Programming (5)
Games (7)
Generators and Iterators (7)
General and Advanced (13)
Genetic Algorithms and Python (1)
Google App Engine(1)
Grimoire (1)
GUI Programming: General and Miscellaneous (5)
GUI Programming: Tkinter (10)
GUI Programming: wxPython, wxGlade and PythonCard (12)
GUI Programming: pyGTK and Gnome (16)
GUI Programming: QT and KDE (6)
HTML and XML (21)
IDE's and Editors (7)
Internet: Sockets, Network, Email, RSS and Web Programming (16)
Internet: CGI (5)
Internet: Web Frameworks- Django (9)
Internet: Web Frameworks- Turbogears and Cherry Py (8)
Internet: Web Frameworks-Twisted(4)
Internet: Web Frameworks- Zope and Plone (5)
Internet: Web Frameworks-other(4)
Introspection (1)
IronPython and .Net (7)
Jython (12)
Linguistics and Natural Language Processing (5)
Mac and Apple (11)
Math, Science, Physics (19)
Metaclasses (6)
Microsoft Windows (14)
Mobile Devices (2)
Neural Networks (3)
OOP, Objects, and Object Orientation (5)
Design Patterns(6)
Pickle (1)
PyPy (1)
Regular Expressions (4)
Robotics (3)
Searching and Sorting (4)
Simulation (3)
Stackless Python (5)
Statistics (1)
Testing, Test Driven Programming, Unit Testing (6)
Text and String Processing (4)
Threads (11)
Unicode (7)
VPython (6)
Search Engines and Social Software (7) Google, Flikr,, etc.
Web Scraping, Screen Scraping (3)
Miscellaneous Specific Topics (22)
including Bluetooth, UML, PyMedia, Sorting, OpenOffice, RDF, ZeroConf, Console, Doxygen, Date and Time, PyPi, and others
Documentation and Reference Materials (11)


Python Grimoire
The Grimoire is different and deserves a category unto itself. It is a book of magic spells and incantations, or How to Perform Common Programming Tasks in Python.

Beginners (21)

Lie Hetland
Really good, learn to hack Python!

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, 2'nd Edition
A great tutorial!

Python Programming Crash Course for Absolute Beginner's

Python Baby Course with exercises and answers

Learn Python in 10 Minutes

Learning Python: Child's Play with RUR-PLE!
requires wxPython but is for beginner's including children; different, but interesting; also in French or English

Python Beginner's Guide
from the Python web site

PyKarel the Robot
for younger people, Guido von Robot!

Livewires Python Course
for younger people

Alan Gauld's "Learning to Program"
Start here if you a complete newbie to programming

Joe Useless Writes a Program
It doesn't get any easier than this ;-)))

Batteries Included
Useless Python's Short Tutorial on Modules

A Byte of Python
online book

Python Babysteps Tutorial (getting started using Python on Windows)

Josh Cogliatti's Tutorial
A great tutorial for newbie's to start with!

Playing with Idle: What to do on day one with Python using the built-in IDLE IDE
including translations into several languages

The What, Why, Who, and Where of Python
by Aaron Watters

Python, Anyone?
by Robert Richardson

Python for Newbies
David Borowitz

General Python Tutorial from TechWarehouse by David Mertz

Python 101 -- Beginning Python by Dave Kuhlman

General and Advanced (13)

New: Python Tutorial Wiki

Quick and Painless Python Tutorial by Norm Matloff

Python 201 -- (Slightly) Advanced Python Topics by Dave Kuhlman

Guido van Rossum's own Tutorial
The definitive tutorial

Instant Hacking by Magnus Instant Python by Magnus Lie Hetland

Discover Python: an 8 part Series from IBM
Really good, learn to hack Python!

Learn to Program Using Python
by Richard Baldwin

Short Python Tutorial (but good!)
by Richard Muller, California Institute of Technology

A Python Course
by Uta Priss, Exercises and Answers

Exhaustive Index to Beazley's Tutorials
A JavaScript index to Beazley's tutorials

Dive Into Python
a great tutorial for experienced programmers

Python for Lisp Programmers

Python at Devshed, several mini-tutorials on various subjects

Internet: Django (9)

The Django Book

Advanced Django

Django Djumpstart: Build a To-Do List in 30 Minutes

Top 30 Django Tutorials and Articles

Develop for the Web with Django and Python
IBM DeveloperWorks

"Official"Django Tutorial Part 1

"Official"Django Tutorial Part 2

How-To: Setting up Django and associated software stack on Windows

Tutorial : Setting up Django on a shared host

Debugging (1)

Winpdb Tutorial (a Symbolic Debugger)

Extending and Embedding (8)

Embedding Python in Your C Programs from Linux Journal December 2005

Python Extensions In C++ Using SWIG

Embedding Pyrex HOWTO
Pyrex is a Python/C Wrapper Language

Embedded Python
new online tutorial listed May 7, 2004

Boost Python Tutorial and Documentation
C++ and Python integration

Writing Python Extensions in C
from the Starship

Extending and Embedding the Python Interpreter

Happy Hooking: Designing Software for Extensibility and Maintainability

Games (7)

Python Game Programming
Excellent Series of Online Lectures

Python Game Programming

A Guide to Writing Games using Python
from S. J. Brown

PyGame Tutorial
from official PyGames site

Programming a Video Game
by Chris Meyers

Making Games with Python
by Tom Chance

Creating Windows Executables with PyGame
by Pete Shinners

Google App Engine (1)

Google App Engine: Getting Started

GUI Programming: General and Miscellaneous (5)

Python GUI Programming
Basic GUI Programming: plus wxPython, Tkinter, PyQT, PyGtk, PyFox

new online tutorial listed May 2, 2004

Tutorial-Introduction to VPython
new online tutorial listed May 2, 2004

Anygui Tutorial
Anygui is an exciting new GUI builder for Python

Venster Tutorial, Venster is a lightweight GUI Toolkit for Windows

GUI Programming: Tkinter (10)

How I learned Tkinter

Tkinter Reference: a GUI for Python

An Introduction to Tkinter: a Work in Progress
by Fredrik Lundh

GUI Programming with Tkinter
by Alan Gauld

Intro to Programming with Python and Tkinter
from the wiki

Thinking in Tkinter
Tutorial on Tkinter

An Introduction to Tkinter
Tutorial on Tkinter

Building a GUI Application with Tkinter
by Chris Meyers

TK Programming in Python
Tutorial on Tkinter

Tkinter Life Preserver
Tkinter Manual

GUI Programming: wxPython and PythonCard (11)

Getting Started with wxPython
by Steve Holden

wxPython Linux Tutorial

wxGlade Tutorials
Several Tutorials-listed January 1, 2006

Tutorial on wxPython

wxPython for Newbies
Tutorial on wxPython

wxPython Small App Tutorial
Tutorial on wxPython

PythonCard Tutorial
by Dan Shafer, a simple, brief intro to the exciting new PythonCard gui programming tool

PythonCard Users Guide
Exhaustive set of resources for learning PythonCard

keep it Simple with PythonCard
a pdf file from PyCon2005 by Ken Altis

wxPython Wiki

Building the GUI with wxPython

Tutorial on wxGlade

GUI Programming: pyGTK and Gnome (16)

Writing PyGtk Applications in a Visual Way

Building an Application with PyGTK and Glade
one man's journey learning Python! added June 1, 2006

a Beginner's Guide to Using PyGTK and Glade
from Linux Journal & listed February 9, 2006

PyGTK Tutorial from Serpia
listed January 1, 2006

PyGTK Tutorials
Several Tutorials-listed September 20, 2005

GUI-the Pythonic Way!
PyGTK, Glade and Python, a new online tutorial-listed May 4, 2005

PyGTK 2.0 Tutorial
new online tutorial-listed July 27, 2004

Developing Gnome Applications with Python

RAD with Python and Gnome
by Padraig Brady, added Nov. 22, 2004

GTK+ 2.0 Tree View Tutorial

PyGnome Tutorial (loads a little slowly)

Bonobo and Python Tutorial
a Tutorial about component based programming for the Gnome desktop environment added December 7, 2004


RAD with Python and Glade
from Linux Journal

Gnome Applets with Python
by Arturo Gonz?lez Ferrer

How To Use Maemo a PyGtk programming tool
a PyGtk programming tool for the Nokia 770 tablet

GUI Programming: QT and KDE (6)

PyKDE Extensions Handbook

Tutorial: Creating GUI Applications in Python with QT
Excellent, New, Visual Tutorial for Beginnign with PyQt by Alex Fedosov

Tutorial on PyQt used with Trolltech's QT Designer

PyQt Tutorial by Jonathon Gardner

RAD with PyQt and Eric3

Python + KDE Tutorial

HTML and XML (21)
Create Python GUIs using HTML

Elementree Tutorial

Simple XML Processing with ElementTree (O'Reilly)

Process XML in Python with ElementTree (IBM )

HTML Screen-Scraping: a How-To Document by Dave Kuhlman

Python and HTML Processing

Introduction to PyMeld
a simple, lightweight system for manipulating HTML (and XML, informally)

Using Python to Generate HTML Pages


Developing Responsive GUI Applications Using HTML and HTTP
a pdf file from PyCon2005

Python and XML How-to columns by Uche Ogbuji (excellent!)
from O'Reilly

Python and XML Akara site by Uche Ogbuji, supplemental to the above columns
from O'Reilly

Practical Python XML and DOM
by Andrew Cooke

Python and XML Tutorial from O'Reilly

from Dalke Scientific

Tutorial on ElemenTreeby David Mertz

The cElementTree Modulean effbot guide by Fredrik Lundh

XRC Tutorial from SerpiaXRC is XML Resource Code

from the Starship

Python XML How-To

Python and XML: An Introduction

HTML Template

Internet: Network and Web Programming (16)

Web Python Tutorial

wsgi, Python's Secret Web Weapon

Untwisting Python Network Programming

Programming in Python with Medusa and the Async Sockets Library

Tutorial on Allegra Web Peer to Peer Programming in Python

Asynchronous Socket Programming

Fetching RSS Files
by Fredrik Lundh

Python Tutorial for Network Administrators
by Norm Matloff

Quick and Painless Network Tutorial
by Norm Matloff

urllib2: The Missing Manual
by Michael Foord

Sockets in Python
by A.P.Rajshekhar

Socket Programming Tutorial
by Gordon McMillan

Packet Wizardry: Ruling the Network with Python

lingmail Python Binding for Google's GMail service

Web Programming with Python
by Guido von Rossum

Python Web Services Articles
from IBM DeveloperWorks added November 26, 2004

RSS Programming with Python
Content Syndication

Web Scraping, Screen Scraping (3)

Screen Scraping
from Dalke Scientific

Web Scraping with Python Part I
from AkaSig

Web Scraping with Python Part II
from AkaSig

Internet: CGI (5)

Using Python for CGI Porgramming
by Guido van Rossum

Web Server Programming and CGI

CGI Web Applications with Python, Part One
from PyZine

CGI and Python
an Interactive Tutorial

Writing CGI Programs in Python
Python CGI FAQ

Internet: Web Frameworks-Turbogears and Cherry Pie (8)

Very Good and Comprehensive Tutorial on TurboGears

Develop for the Web with TurboGears and Python
IBM DeveloperWorks

Brian's Turbogears Tutorial

What is TurboGears? O'Reilly Detailed Introduction

TurboGears 20 Minute WIKI

CherryPy Tutorial

CherryPy Tutorial from Serpia

CherryPy for CGI Programmers

Internet: Web Frameworks-Twisted (5)

Twisted: A Tutorial

Twisted Mail Tutorial
Building an SMTP Client from Scratch

Using Python and Twisted to Write Reliable Peer-to_peer Programs

Patterns for Twisted
by Dave Kuhlman

Internet: Web Frameworks- Zope and Plone (5)

Zope "Appetizers"
little, gentle, tidbit introductions to Zope and Plone

Introduction to Zope

Zope Tutorial

XML-RPC over Zope 3, a quick tutorial

Plone Tutorials Page

Internet: Web Frameworks-Other (4)

Mod_python Manual

Tutorial on Subway

Quixote Tutorial

Quixote 2 Tutorial

Internet: Django (9)

The Django Book

Advanced Django

Django Djumpstart: Build a To-Do List in 30 Minutes

Top 30 Django Tutorials and Articles

Develop for the Web with Django and Python
IBM DeveloperWorks

"Official"Django Tutorial Part 1

"Official"Django Tutorial Part 2

How-To: Setting up Django and associated software stack on Windows

Tutorial : Setting up Django on a shared host

Jython (12)

Jython Course

Introduction to Jython

Jython Tutorials, Parts One and Two
on, scroll down to click on pdf files: Excellent!

Advanced Server side Programming in Jython

Jython Tutorial Examples

Writing Threaded Applications in Jython

Jython and Swing
Useless Python's Short Tutorial on Jython and Swing

Jython Bibliography

Jython Webapp Tutorial

How to Make Java Servlets with Jython

Jython Cookbook

Testing, Test Driven Programming and Unit Test (6)

Functional Testing of GUI Applications

Agile Testing Articles and Tutorials Repository

Agile Development and Testing in Python
from PyCon 2006

De-Bugging Python, a Tutorial

Test Driven Development in Python
a Tutorial from O'Reilly's OnLamp Python Development Center added December 7, 2004

Agile Testing Blog
Articles and Tutorials

Editors and IDE's (7)

Python with Stani's Python Editor (SPE)
from ShowMeDo added March 17, 2006

Eclipse Integratuion: Using Eclipse as an Editor for Python

Python Development with Eclipse and Ant
from IBM DeveloperWorks, an excellent tutorial added December 7, 2004

Python Development with Eclipse
a good tutorial with helpful screenshots

Tutorial about IDLE

Python and Emacs

Leo Tutorials

Mac and Apple (11)

An Epic Introduction to PyObjC and Cocoa

Using PyObjC for Developing Cocoa Applications with Python

MacPython Documentation

wxPython OS X Issues

Introduction to PyObjC

Start Cocoa with PyObjC

Macintosh Library Modules

Intro to Using PyObjC
Overcoming Newbie Hurdles when using Xcode and Interface Builder

Setting Up Mac OSX to run Python CGI's

Using Core Data with Python

Unit Testing Objective-C with Python

Windows (14)

Writing Win32 Applications with Python and Glade

Synthesizing Speech with Microsoft's pyTTS and Python

Microsoft Access and Python

Python and COM
by Christian Tismer

Python and COM
from a different angle

Embedding Python in Visual Basic or Delphi Apps

Tutorial on Visual Python
Visual Python is ActiveState's python plug-in for Microsoft's Visual Studio .Net

Python and COM
by Mark Hammond and Greg Stein

Python 2.4 Extensions w/ the MS Toolkit Compiler

A Python for Windows Tutorial
good to help newbies get their Python-on-Windows setup properly

Python for Windows Extensions

Python Dynamic Scripting on the .Net CLR
by Jim Hugunin

Python and ASP

Tutorial on Python and ADO (ActiveX Data Objects)
Using Python to program SQL and ADO

Using Python with IIS (Microsoft Information Server)
from the Microsoft website

IronPython (7)

IronPython and SilverLight in your Browser

Mini Guide: IronPython and the .Net Framework

IronPython Tutorial Series by Michael Foord at Voidspace

A First Look at IronPython: Where Python meets .NET
brand new on July 14, 2006 by Jeff Cogswell on DevNet

Python Dynamic Scripting on the .Net CLR
by Jim Hugunin

MSDN Video Tutorial Featuring Jim Hugunin

IronPython: A fast Python implementation for .NET and Mono
PDF download

Decorators (6)

Decorators Make Magic Easy by David Mertz

Python Decorator Mini-Study

Decorators by Phillip Eby on Dr. Dobb's Journal

Python Decorator Library

Decorators in Python

The Decorator Module by Michele Simionato

Generators and Iterators (7)

Recursion and Generators

Norm Matloff's Quick and Painless Iterators and Generators Tutorial

Iterators and Generators
it ain't your gramps' loop anymore!

Iterators and Simple Generators
from Charming Python by David Mertz

Python Generator Tricks
from Linux Gazette

Generator-based State Machines and Coroutines
by David Mertz

Iterators, Generators, and Continuations
by Daniel Arbuckle

Database (12)

Databases and Python Tutorial by Steve Holden

Connecting databases to Python with SQLObject

SQL Alchemy Tutorial

Wrapping Your Brain Around Oracle + Python

MySQL and Python, a Tutorial from Serpia

Writing MySQL Scripts with Python DB-API

The Python DBI-API Interface

Persistent Storage of Python Objects in Relational Databases

Short Tutorial about Fast, Easy Database Access with Python
retrieving, searching , and updating data

MySQL and Python: a short Tutorial

SQL and Python

Pythonic DataBase Topic Guide
not exactly a tutorial, but covers Pythonic database related topics

Biology and Bioinformatics (7)

Titus' Bioinformatics Tools

Learning Python with Bioinformatics

BioPython Documentation

Beginning Python for Bioinformatics

Exhaustive Course on Bioinformatics using Python

Introduction to Programming for Bioinformatics in Python

Programming Course for Biologists at the Pasteur Institute



Math, Science, and Physics (19)

An Introduction to Python for Scientists
By Conrad Hinson

Tentative Num Py Tutorial

Scripting Techniques for Scientific Computing

SciPy Course Online
by Dave Kuhlman

Experimental Physics with Phoenix and Python
Phoenix is Physics with Homemade Equipments and Innovative Experiments Python for Science Tutorials, Links, and Resources

NetworkX, a Python-based package for the creation, manipulation, and study of the structure, dynamics, and function of complex networks.

Scripting Techniques for Scientific Computing

Python for Scientific Use: Data Analysis
from Linux Gazette

Tutorial on NumPy, Numerical Python
by David Ascher

A guide to installing Python packages for scientific computing from Cornell

MatPlotLib Tutorial from Serpia

MatPlotLib Tutorial

Handbook of the Physics Computing Course

PyODE, the Open Dynamics Engine, an open source physics engine
3 short tutorials, scroll down to bottom of page

Tutorial on the Numeric Module from Penzilla

MatPy - Matrix package for Python

Python for Statistical Programming

OOP, Objects, and Object Orientation(6)

An Introduction to Object Oriented Programming using Python

Introduction to OOP with Python

Python Types and Objects

Python Attributes and Methods

Python Objects-effbot guide


How-to Guide for Descriptors

Design Patterns(6)

Design Patterns in Python
a Seminar

Design Patterns in Python
by Vespe Savikko

Object Oriented Design Patterns using Python

Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in Python

Design Patterns and OOP
a pdf file from PyCon2005 by Alex Martelli

Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in Python


Guide to Python Introspection


Metaclasses in Five Minutes

Metaclasses: Who, What, Why, Where

Metaclasses: Blueprints of Blueprints

New Style Classes in Python

A Primer on Python Metaclass Programming by David Mertz

Firedrop (2)
Weblog and Content Management System

Firedrop Mini How-To Docs

Firedrop Plug-ins Tutorial
Firedrop is a (Programmable with Plug-ins) Python (and Wax) Blog Client Manager Tool and Content Management System

Concurrent Programming (2)
Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming in Python with ATOM

Introduction to Concurrent Programming with Stackless Python

Stackless Python (5)
Introduction to Concurrent Programming with Stackless Python

Python Microthreads and Stackless Python

Microthreaded Game Programming with Stackless Python

Introduction to Stackless Python

Continuations and Stackless Python

Threads (11)
Threads and Concurrent Programming

Threaded Data Collection with Python including Examples

PyGTK and Threading

Implementing "weightless threads" with Python generators

Python Microthreads and Stackless Python

Microthreaded Game Programming with Stackless Python

Python Threads, a First Example

Quick and Painless Threads Tutorial
by Norm Matloff

Basic Threading in Python
from DevShed

Understanding Threading in Python
from Linux Gazette

Tutorial on Threads Programming with Python
PDF file, loads slowly

Python Threads
PDF file, click on "threads" at top of html page

Unicode (7)

Unicode Mini Tutorial

Developing Unicode Aware Applications in Python, a pdf file

A Crash Course in Character Encoding
by Fuzzyman, including Unicode.

Unicode Secrets
by Uche Ogbuji, May 18, 2005

Python Unicode Tutorial

Using Unicode with Python

Using UTF-8 with Python

Continuations (3)

Continuations Made Simple and Illustrated

Continuations for Curmudgeons

Continuations and Stackless Python

Regular Expressions (5)

Using Regular Expressions for Lexical Analysis
by Fredril Lundh

Tutorial on Python and Regular Expressions
by David Mertz

NLTK Tutorial on Python and Regular Expressions

Cameron Laird's personal notes on "Regular Expressions"

Text and String Processing (4)

Text Processing in Python
by David Mertz

Learn to Program Using Python: Strings
from Developer.Com

String Manipulation with Python
from DevShed

Efficient String Concatenation in Python

Linguistics and Natural Language Processing (5)

Python for Linguists
Really good and thourough tutorial

Python for Linguists
Zacharski Site

Python for Linguists
Using Python & NLTK Lite

Getting Started with the Natural Language Toolkit
by David Mertz
a wonderful and easy NLQ module

VPython (6)

VPython Video Tutorials: 3D Programming with Python using the Visual Library
new and great! added July 14, 2006

V Python an introduction

VPython introduction (in pdf)

Brief, basic VPython introduction from ANU, for bouncing ball

Next VPython tutorial from ANU, for simulating a gas

Rob Salgado's VPython applications for Teaching Physics

Curses (3)

Quick and Painless Curses Tutorial
by Norm Matloff

Curses Tutorial by Dr. David Mertz
from IBM DeveloperWorks

Curses Programming with Python

Searching and Sorting (4)

Sorting with Python
by Andrew Dalke

Writing a Search Engine in Python
from Serpia

Sorting Algorithms in Python

Search Algorithms in Python

Python and Simulation (4)

Python as a Discrete Event Simulation environment

Quick and Painless Monte Carlo Simulation

Quick and Painless SimPy Tutorial
SimPy is for Discrete Event Simulation

Search Engines and Social Software (7)

Grabbing posts with Python by Fredrik Lundh

Python interface to the Google API

Scripting Flickr with Python and REST
Python interface to the flickr API

Beej's Flickr API
an alternative Python interface to the flickr API experiments using Python
hackdiary site

Simple Search Engine in Python Tutorial from Serpia

Python on Mobile Devices (2)

Python and the Nokia Series 60 Tutorials

Python for Mobile Devices

Flash (3)

A tutorial on connecting client-side Flash applications to Python XML-RPC web services

Embedding Flash in Python

Tutorial: Macromedia Flash served by Python

Robotics (3)

Pyro: A Python-based Versatile Programming Environment for Teaching Robotics

Python Robotics: An Environment for Exploring Robotics Beyond LEGOs

Intro to RoboFab with Python

Functional Programming (5)

An Introduction to Functional Programming

Functional Programming in Python from IBM DeveloperWorks

Functional Programming HOWTO

Functional Programming in Python

Documentation to the Functional Package for Python Functional Programming

Genetic Algorithms and Python (1)

Genetic Programming with Python

Date and Time Usage (1)

Date and Time Usage for Python

Neural Networks (3)

An Intorduction to Neural Networks

Weave a Neural Net with Python

Neural Networks in Pyro

Pickle (1)

Pickle Tutorial

PyPy (1)

Getting Started with PyPy

Miscellaneous Specific Topics (22)

Bluetooth Programming with Python

Python Specific Source Code Mini-Examples for Common Topics

Cheese Shop Tutorial

Basic Motion Graphics with Python

Python and UML

Python for Fun
an Exellent collection of small Python programs for learning

Python Code Snippets from Serpia

HowTo: GantPV Scripts with Python

HowTo: Python Programming in Gnumeric

Python Imaging Handbook and Tutorial
PIL Handbook from PythonWare

Michael's Quick Guide to Pyrex

Building Chandler Parcels
an introduction from PyCon2005

MozPython, Python for Mozilla

NetworkX Tutorial
NetworkX is a Python-based package for the creation, manipulation, and study of the structure, dynamics, and function of complex networks.

PyMedia Tutorial
PyMedia is a module for manipulating wav, mp3, ogg, avi, divx, dvd, cdda and etc. files

Scripting OpenOffice with Python

GraphPath is a little-language for analysing graph-structured data, especially RDF

ZeroConf and Python

Python Console Examples
by Padraig Brady, added Nov. 22, 2004

Python and Doxygen
Doxygen generates documentation from source code

Algorithm Education Using Python

Python Package Index Tutorial
Tutorial for PyPi

Documentation and Reference (11)

Python Quick-Reference Guide
meant to be printed and kept by the keyboard or on the wall

Official Python Documentation
exhaustive documentation from the Python website

Python 2.4.2 Documentation

the Effbot Guide to the Python Standard Library

Language Notes on Python

Python Quick Reference
A Python online reference in several different formats, including clickable

Python Style Guide
by Guido van Rossum

Python Infrequently Answered Questions
by Peter Norvig, not a Tutorial, not exactly documentation, but an incredibly useful read...

Python "How-To's

Python Knowledge Base
an incredible database of answered questions

Bruce Eckel's Thinking in Python

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