python Favorite GUI Projects
Tkinter is great, works well, and it is extremely well documented
wxPython is cool, it is new and it is shiny
But Python deserves tools that make GUI, event driven programming easy for everybody

If you are like me, and many other relative newbies, programming event-driven, GUI programs is more difficult than Python command line programming. The projects below, individually or collectively, have the potential to bring Python's legendary combination of ease of learning, ease of use, and powerful expressiveness, to the world of GUI programming. Why not check them out!

PythonCard is a software construction kit (in the spirit of Apple's HyperCard) written in Python.

PythonCard may be revolutionary. Although the project is only a few months old, already one can build very interesting apps with it. Kevin Altis, the team leader, is a real professional and he has great ideas about PythonCard.

The purpose of the Anygui project is to create an easy-to-use, simple, and generic module for making graphical user interfaces in Python. The name is inspired by the standard Python module anydbm, which provides generic access to DBM-style databases.

Anygui aims to let users code in its simple yet powerful idiom, and the underlying anygui software will automatically find the best installed gui framework on the system, and render the resulting widgets. It is still very early days yet for anygui, but the Python world is very fortunate to have such an ambitious and far-sighted project. The word is getting out, and other language communities are jealous ;-)))

Boa Constructor
Boa Constructor is a cross platform RAD GUI Building IDE. It offers visual frame creation and manipulation, an object inspector, many views on the source like inheritance hierarchies, object methods and properties, generated from documentation strings, a debugger and integrated help.

Boa Constructor is a drag and drop IDE much like Delphi, or Visual Basic if you wish. Although still in alpha, it is a very active project and already you can see the enormous potential.