Last weekend, I bought the new Sharp Zaurus, a PDA that runs an embedded Linux from Lineo and the Qtopia desktop from Trolltech, based on the QT toolkit.

The Zaurus has exceeded my expectations in every way.

I am runing my personal Python programs from the Bash shell command line on the Zaurus. This is very cool.

The other great feature of the Zaurus is the thumb-keyboard. The botton of the Zaurus slides out to reveal a sturdily built keyboard that is perfect for using the thumbs. Don't laugh. I am almost as fast with this keyboad as I am with a real keyboard, and maybe more accurate!

The combination of the keyboard and the Linux command line makes this a great tool and toy. I am already dreaming up several new Python programming projects just for the Zaurus, and I am also learning QT programming for GUI work.

The Zaurus has a color screen, full PIM apps, and even games. There is a lively online community and already many new programs are being released on the web.

So, now with Linux on my desktop and on my (first ever owned) PDA, I am happy with my Linux hobby.

More to come...