Why Dartmoor my love?

Heavens candle of light glimmers rising warm and bright,

against the dark craggy horizon,

filling the world with hope and appreciation of the coming day.

White cotton wisps race across the brightening sky.

With gentle sigh she feels my yearning.

Come home my child come home.

I stand upon high hilltop,

surveying the land i have come to know as my own.

Tantalised by a gentle breeze,the rusty,red fethered bracken hands

wave in recognition of an ally.

Whilst the wind with soothing songs of sweetness

binds up my wounded heart with spiritual balms.

The misty tears of dew flow freely

as I recognise the emotional rejection within myself.

The mottled purple and white heather brightens my outlook.

and sunlit prickly golden gorse protects my soul.

Damp, musty, earthly aromatics fill my nostrils.

As she enfolds me within her sun warmed mossy arms,

filling me with a sense of overwhelming completeness.

Mother and daughter are joyously reunited.

Melissa Blackmore