Web Programming in Python

Web Programming in Python: Techniques for Integrating Linux, Apache and MySQL
by George K. Thiruvathukal, Thomas W. Christopher, John P. Shafaee, Prentice
Hall 2001, 450 pages.

This is a good book to read if you are going to set up a web server running under Apache running on Linux. In fact, if you are even thinking of doing the above, then this book is perfect for you, because it gives more working detail on setting up such a web server than you can find anywhere else. it is a well written book and you will enjoy it.

Even if you are running Windows and you are running a web site on a remote hosting service, you may find this book essential, especially if you hope to do any CGI programming.

While the book attempts to cover such a wide ground that it leaves some subjects very lightly covered (such as Linux itself), the book is a mine field of useful information about server side programming and networking topics in general.

Using SQL databases along with web servers is also given extensive coverage.

If you are very interested in learning more about CGI programming, look at this new book with great interest. It
does focus on CGI programming as much or more than any other subject, but it does so from a particular angle.

Large sections of the book are specifically about Linux. Other large sections are about Apache. Then, when it comes
to actual Python CGI, the book focuses very heavily on some specific web application frameworks for handling
sophisticated Python CGI programming. These applications include WriteProcessor, WebForm, and Slither.

This is a good, solid book.