He kisses me so tenderly,

lip upon lip.

A whispering touch,

so light , so sweet.

A wave runs through me,

fluttering heart skips a beat.

His touch is so precious,

conveying love,

unleashed passion.

I am wanted I am needed.

A message he carries,

so gently I heed it.

Responding delightedly

at a tingling caress.

the kiss becomes deeper,

questioning, absorbing.

He feels my love, my need for him.

Tugging and nibbling I greed for him.

tongue touches tongue.

My senses taste him.

We are all and none,

We are everything and nothing.

Together we are eternity.

His kiss whispers to me.

I open my eyes,

the intensity of his love,

is etched within the lines of his face.

I cherish that love,

I cherish his kiss,

Oh sweet kiss.

Melissa Williams






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