Satisfied with SUSE

Satisfied with SUSE "You can't always get what you want to,
but if you try some time, you just might find
you get what you need"

Well, I'm satisfied with Suse. My system is stable, if not fast; but what can one expect from a 3-4 year old PII 300 MHz with 128 MB RAM and a 10 GB Hard drive?

Everything runs. My printer works fine. Wine runs my old Windows 3.0 cardfile.exe and contact list. OpenOffice is great for .doc files. Mozilla is a good browser and email and newsgroup client. Python runs well. What more do I want?

I still have difficulty with cron, so go figure. With Linux, one learns that everything must be perfect in order to run; but that grows on me. Perfection has its uses, details are important, and patience grows with Linux use.

I kind of like being precise. If it takes longer, one satisfaction is that once it works, not only will it keep working, but I will know why it works, how it works, and how to do it again. Or how to do something similar again.

I am learning.

I am satisified.

Using Linux is becoming something of a philosophy for me, a way of life. No computer system will ever be my god, but Linux suffices. Maybe that's enough for now.

I'm getting what I need. I'm learning more about programming in Python. I am definitely learning mroe about file systems, compiling software, and all of the little items that make up using and maintaining a computer system on a daily basis.

So be it. More to come...