Python Programming with the Java Class Libraries

Python Programming with the Java Class Libraries, by Richard Hightower, Addison-Wesley, 2003 620 pages.

If you are at all interested in Jython, this is a great book to read. Python Programming with the Java Class Libraries is primarily a Python book that teaches you how to use the Java libraries with Jython. This is in contrast to a book like "Jython for Java Programmers", which is primarily a book aimed at Java programmers who want to use Jython.

This book would be acceptable for complete newbies to Python, in that it adequately covers the core Python language. But the real strength is for using Python to create Jython programs that utilize the Java libraries, particularly the Java Swing GUI libraries.

The Java Swing toolset is great for creating cross platform GUI's. Using Jython to access the Java Swing libraries is a match made in heaven. Swing programs written in Python are considerably shorter and easier to write than the equivalent Java programs. This makes GUI programming using Jython a very attractive option. In fact, Jython-Swing is an attractive and compelling option for creating Python GUI programs, right up there with Tkinter and wxPython.

This is an excellent book and is highly recommended.