PythonCard A Revolutionary New GUI Creator for Python

PythonCard is the easiest to learn and use of any gui-creator I have ever seen. In order to run the programs below, you must first go to the PythonCard home page and download and install PythonCard.

PythonCard home page on Sourceforge
Do use Dan Shafer's Excellent short tutorial on PythonCard when you get a chance, a general purpose decision tool, you must download this also in order to run, choose who to vote for in the next election, necessary to run, a gui tool to help you choose a programming language the Pythoncard resource file for
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To use the Decider program above, follow these instructions. First, download and install wxPython. Then, download and install PythonCard. Next, download and and put them in your PythonCard directory. Run You will see a matrix. Fill in the textfields on the top row with the options you wish to decide amongst. Then, in the far left hand column, type in the names of the criteria you wish to use in order to make your decision. Then, use the slider next to each criteria to input a "weight", or importance factor (to you) for each criteria. The farther to the right you push the slider, the higher weight you give to that criteria. Then, for each option, set the spinner for each criteria to a number between zero and 100, with 100 being a very favorable score for that option for a given criteria, and zero being the lowest score. Finally, click on the "calculate" button and you will see a score (higher numbers being better) for each criteria, and a winner will be chosen. Do not worry if you have less than 10 options or less than ten criteria, just input what you have and ignore the others.

The other two programs, and, are specific examples of how can be used. Election is a program to help you make a rational decision between two candidates. Langchoose is to help you choose a programming language based on your specific wants and needs.

More programs will be placed here over time. Feedback is always encouraged ;-))) I hope you enjoy these programs and this web site!