You came to be in winter when the days were long and cold,

I wanted you since long ago and now soon you'd be mine to hold!


The time it went so slowly and I feared you were not real,

I busied myself by knitting things but your movements I couldn't feel!


Springtime was better than ever that year for within my womb you began to


During that time a friend dared to love and I talked of you many hours to her!


My quiet times were spent with you making plans and choosing your name,

I sang to you with a mother's love and counted the days until you came!


Summer arrived but still a long time before I could rock you so close to me,

My friend went away forever it seemed and walking with her I longed to be!


I felt like a child with a Christmas package with months to go till the

awaited day,

Wanting so badly to peak inside and fluff the covers where you lay!


Fall was now upon me and I knew it wouldn't be long,

Your time was near to brave the world and my life felt like a wonderful song!


Now the time so long awaited slipped in no matter what my plans,

My friend was there to share my joy and ever so gently hold my hands!


The moment of your birth was a season all its own,

you and I together at last to turn my house into our home!


Many seasons will come and go and we will share them all,

But none will be so special than when God gave you to me that Fall!