Logicus Fidele


Dippity, diddily, piddily poo,

daringly different , in columns of two,

waging our battles, biddily boo,

bleeding and dying, for me and for you.


Bingledy, bangledy, wiggling around,

ducking and dodging, lay flat on the ground,

trying to erase the deafening sound,

filling up body bags that he has found.


Flubbly, bubbly, fingers go snap,

years pass in instants, leaving a gap,

tears follow laughter, tippety tap,

memories which always trigger the trap.


Whirring and stirring and blurring my way,

lies and false promises die where they lay,

rambling, scrambling, starting to stray,

future is limited, live for the day.


Bob Church 12-27-97