Linux Format Magazine

Linux Chronicles VII, on the Linux Format Magazine from the UK...

Has anyone wondered about the large (European size, 9 x 12 I think) Linux Format Magazine out of the UK? I have noticed these magazines in my local Barnes and Noble for some time. I have read Linux Magazines and Linux Journals bought off the rack for some time, but not Linux Format. The Linux Format always includes a CD rom full of Linux software and is thus more expensive than a normal magazine at $13.95.

Well, there must be a good Linux community in the UK to support this magazine, I am thinking. But I also figured, most all of this software must be freely downloadable from the web. Maybe most of it is junk. Would I really take the time to bother installing it, and would it be worth the time and money?

So I finally got around to buying a version of Linux Format today and I intend to spend some good time attempting to install the software from the CD this weekend. I say attempting to install , because I am wondering how successful I will be?

But I will report back fully and let you all know what I think of the software, including whether a clueless brain dead dumbie like me can even successfully install it from the CD Rom. Also I will of course comment on the rest of the magazine, but my main focus will be on the CD full of software.

Should be interesting! I'm looking forward to it. I'll report this weekend.

Ron Stephens
February 12, 2002