Jython for Java Programmers

I have read the Jython for Java Programmers book by Robert W. Bill for New Riders. This book is excellent. Using the detailed instructions in the book, I have been able to convert some of my Python programs into Java class files and jar files, which was a main aim I had going in. I find running Jython to be quite easy, after it is properly installed. This book helped me a lot to do the installation of Jython properly, and it helped me even more to properly use jythonc to compile my jython programs into class files and jar files.

The big difficulty for me, is that, in order to go much further in using jython, I would need to learn more about Java and especially SWING, the Java gui toolkit. The book covers this material well, but it will require a lot more study by myself in order to really use it. I may do just that, but for now I am exploring all of the other Python GUI toolkits available.

I can recommend the book Jython for Java Programmers, but with the caveat that I have not really absorbed most of the material in the book. This book is, in my opinion, most useful to folks who are competent in Java and are interested in ulearing Jython to use as s cripting language complement to therir Java work. But it definitely helped me to go beyond what I was able to do after reading the Jython sections of more general Python books. In particular, the use of the Jythonc compiler is particularly well explained in this book.


Ron Stephens