The Joy of Linux...

Linux Chronicles, Chapter X: The Joy Of Linux...

The Joy of Linux, by Michael Hall with Brian Profitt (340 pages, Prima Publishing, 2001) is a great read, a real "curl-up-in-a-confortable-chair" book, and a joyous experience. It is not my intention to do book reviews in the Linux Chronicles, but in this month while I am so busy on business travel, I can't resist hyping this one that has given me so much pleasure, while I mentally plot my further adventures into the Linux technical landscape.

The Joy of Linux just makes one feel good about being in the Linux movement. The main author, Michael Hall, is something of a literary, journalistic, liberal arts kinda regular guy who gives off good karma, and he writes in a style that is comfortable, engaging, and right on the money.

Not so much of a technical manual, this book is a recounting of one person's experiences over ten years of Linux explorations (although the first five years included a three year gap during a military tour in Korea). Michael manages to personalize the story yet actually also universalize the message, which I consider to be no mean feat. But what else would you expect from a dude who's circle of friends includes an ardent admirer of Spanish Anarcho-Syndicalist collectives?

By the time you finish reading this warm-hearted and inviting book, you will have learned quite a few little Linux technical tidbits that may be of use to you at some time. But much more importantly, you will have tasted the flavor of Linux community history. This is priceless.

And you will enjoy every minute of it. If you are thinking of trying out Linux, or you are currently trying out Linux, reading this book will give you more enjoyment than perhaps any mere technical manual ever could. It may also help you to find the perseverance to keep on carryin' on.

The Joy of Linux, A Gourmet Guide to Open Source is pretty much what it says it is. If you enter a local book store, find this hardback title in the shiny white cover jacket and I promise you will not regret it! ;-))))