Given that the human species has evolved over such a long time, under such varied circumstances, and given that we embrace within our selves the lessons, successes, and creations of a deep set of evolutionary breakthroughs; I think that the foreseeable future of future evolutionary development of the noosphere will almost assuredly include the human species co-evolving with our computerized tools and bio-engineered partners as a connected, all embracing greater whole.

The human race has a long history of idolizing its tools. While our computerized tools will undoubtedly advance far beyond our wildest dreams, they will not leave behind the human component, which contains so much depth of evolutionary potentialities. The human spirit is safe from obsolescence for a long, long, while. Consider that human beings are the most mentally developed of all the known creatures of God. I think, that for the foreseeable future, say a few hundred years, the leading edge of spiritual evolution will contain humans as a part, or sub-unit. We may join forces symbiotically with our tools, and our new geneteic creations, but I doubt we will throw away the current leading edge of evolutionary development: ourselves.

As we create a new race of robots, cyborgs, or species, we should first of all make sure that we instill our values, our love, our spiritual heritage; and not just focus on intelligence and abilities. May the most valuable parts of our heritage become the initial and eternal constitution for our successors.

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