When you really get right down to it,

the human mind is completely incapable of absolute certainty about anything. We receive data from our senses, think with our brains, and feel with our 'hearts". But we are never certain..can never be certain..not at all...

But when you get right down to it, while all of the above may be true, it is also true that the meanings we construct with our human minds represent the absolute best information, meaning, and truth available anywhere in the universe, as far as we know. No "inanimate" part of nature can construct a better, a more true, set of meanings. No life form on earth, that we know of , can construct a meaning as true.

So there you have it. Our minds can never be certain of anything. Yet we construct with our limited minds the very best, highest, and *truest* meaning in the entire known universe. And in this quest for certitude, for the construction of meaning in our minds, we are given an inestimable and essential gift; the guidance and inspiration of God's great Prophets and Manifestations.

These Prophets are our only direct link to that which is without beginning and without end, the alpha and the omega, what we call God.

And yet we ourselves are involved. We are in a complex and beautiful play of challenge and response, with the multiverse challenging, and with our responses giving birth to the unfolding of a non-determined, radically new and free, creation of reality.

And who knows what we will build? Who can say that we will not build something grand beyond anything we can imagine?

And who knows what lies beyond consciousness? Who can say that there does not lie beyond consciousness some emergent property more wonderful than we can imagine, more wonderful than that consciousness itself which we could not know nor believe could lie hidden in that primordial slime from which we sprang?

And this sublime enigma is, in the final analysis, that which I call Certitude.

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