Apple's March 9 News Conference and the State of the Smartwatch...

Yesterday, Monday March 9, Apple held a news conference to reveal more information about the upcoming Apple Watch.The Watch will go on Pre-Sale April 10 and then regular availability April 24.

The Watch comes in 3 major versions, along with 2 sizes and at least 9 bands, allowing a  unique amount of customization. Whatever else it is, the Watch is beautiful.

The lowest priced model is the 38 mm Sport Watch at $349 and the 42 mm size Sport Watch is $399. Both Sport Watches come with attractive "rubber-like" bands, and the bands are offered in several  different colors. The Sport Watches are housed in Aluminum cases and will be the volume sellers

The Watch version is housed in a stainless steel housing and has a more scratch resistant glass face. Costing $549 for the 38 mm and $599 for the 42 mm, the Watch also offers extremely attractive upgrade band options especially the Milanese Loop (my favorite)  at $149, and the Link Bracelet for $449.

Then there are gold and "pink gold" versions for between $10,000 and $17,000.

People have no idea how they are going to use these Watches, but use them they will. Instead of pulling out an iPhone and letting everyone see that you are bored with them, the Watch can be glanced at any number of times to see the time, notifications, sports scores, stock prices, news flashes, tweets, texts, emails, apps etc. The Watch has bio-sensors to monitor heart rate, blood sugar and other health data. 

There will be thousands of apps available at launch, and hundreds of thousands more in the months to come. This is the beginning of a whole new way of accessing the internet and is the start of a whole wave of wearable products that will work together to give us an  integrated interface into a perpetual online experience. We will control this wearable computing wardrobe with voice, gesture, glance, and touch.

Awaretek will soon release 3 new Watch enabled apps for the iPhone. One of them uses an innovative new software technology never before seen, and will be the vanguard of a family of apps based on this platform technology. Stay tuned!