Unique Apps for Apple's New Watch from Awaretek

Quietly and behind the scenes, Awaretek is working hard preparing to launch three truly unique and exciting new apps for the iPhone that are enabled to optimally use the upcoming Apple Watch.

One of these three apps will be the first to use a revolutionary new software technology that has been under development since Awaretek's inception. This new technology is a unique innovation and will be the basis of other future applications for the Apple iPhone, and ultimately other platforms as well. 

A small example of the application of this new predictive analysis software will be demonstrated, for free,  on this website on a real time basis in the very near future. Stay tuned. 

Apple will hold a major press conference on March 9 to unveil new information about the upcoming Watch. The actual product is expected to be on sale in early April, and the new Awaretek apps should be available at the same time or before. 

These are certainly interesting and stimulating times in the technology industry!