Welcome to Awaretek

Awaretek, the domain name and URL, has been around since 1994 (hosted on something called Geocities from 1994 until 1997 and then on its own URL since 1997). Previously the home of two popular podcasts, "Python411, Computer Programming for Everybody" and "the Awaretek Podcast" exploring many areas of leading edge technology.

This post marks the rebirth of Awaretek as a company focused on using software and other technologies to enhance human life and make it more enriching. We will be producing applications for mobile and wearable computers with the expectation that this will evolve to include augmented reality, virtual reality, implantables and transhumanism.

While software and applications of all types are within our sights, there is a special interest in fun software that enhances human dignity in the social realm. We would like to attract a following of like-minded people who have similar interests.

Very soon we will announce our first apps for IOS devices and the Mac. Next year, apps for the Apple Watch will take center stage.

On this blog, we will also be commenting on the wearables industry, products and people. Recognizing that people are not robots and that modern life can be at times dehumanizing, we hope to make this corner of the world a little lighter, brighter and friendlier.

There will also be a new Awaretek podcast series exploring the latest wearable computing and related technologies.

Watch this space for frequent updates!