I believe in magic...

Linux Chronicles, chapter VI: I Believe in Magic....

Well, now I believe in magic. I set my crontab to try again at 17:00, and it all worked flawlessly. But I don't know why it worked now and not before. It's not supposed to be like this. Things are supposed to make sense in the Linux world.

I must be getting the Linux philosophy under my skin. In my old windows days, I was just plain ecstatic when something worked. I never expected nor cared to know any of the mysterious inner ways of why.

Now, I am very unhappy even though my prime objective for originally starting to run Linux works.

I am unhappy because I do not know why.

I may have to settle for believing in magic for now.

But what I am determined to believe in and understand is Linux.

Ron Stephens
February 10, 2002