Python Visual QuickStart Guide

Python Visual QuickStart Guide, Chris Fehily, Peachpit Press, 2002, 410 pages

This is an excellent introductory book to the core Python language, and at only $22, it is a bargain. While it only covers the core language, it is perhaps the quickest way to learn the core language. It is well written, concise, and full of very good illustrative code samples.

The book is aimed at readers who are at least a little familiar with basic programming concepts, but who are completely new to Python. For this audience, it achieves its purpose admirably. The code samples are very intelligently chosen and they do a good job of both illustrating the basic concepts and also at giving the reader a glimpse of good Pythonic coding style.

If you just want to learn the core Python language as quickly and painlessly as possible, but you want a little more hand holding and clear expository writing than can be had by just reading the Beazley Essential Reference, then this is the book for you.