Sweat Equity, or, I will survive...

Well, after several long, long business trips, interspersed with furious computing sessions at home, one kernel panic, many crashes of Netscape Communicator that hosed my system (I finally learned to use Mozilla instead), having my cron job to automagically upload my web spider results to my web site refuse to work after my reinstall after my kernel crash, mounting anger at slow browsing, etc. etc. etc., I am back here still using Mandrake Linux.

Oh, did I mention that I did actually get my printer to work. (The HP T45 combo printer/fax/copier was recognized and set up perfectly on re-installing Mandrake from scratch. Go figure...

Well, we will never know if this brain dead clueless newbie would still be using Linux today if he had saved the registration code number for the Windows license for the Compaq Recovery Disk CD that came with his computer years ago (I re-installed the whole system using the Recovery Disk only to find that Bill Gates wouldn't let me use it if I didn't have the number, even though I bought the thing new and the recovery disk that came with it is obviously valid) !!VCX$^**

Well, I also discovered that when Netscape, or some other program I downloaded and attempted to install, or just my own stupidity, hosed my system, that I had to always re-format the entire disk in order to get a working re-install.

Hey, I'm still here. I have no choice, I am a a Linux guy like it or not ;-)))

Having no dual boot option is a good thing, if one really wants to learn a new system, I guess.

I now, having proven myself to be dangerous behind the wheel of Mandrake, plan to install the brand new version of Suse, the one that includes KDE 3.0.

I can't wait ;-)))