The Quick Python Book

The Quick Python Book, Daryl Harms and Kenneth McDonald, Manning Publications, 2000, 422 pages.

This is a well written, nicely printed and attractive book. In the greater scheme of things, with so many definitive Python books out there, it may seem a bit like a me-too book. It does a good job of covering the core language and would be a good introductory book for newbies to programming. Experienced programmers who are new to Python might wish for more depth.

Nonetheless it is comfortable to read. In fact, it is a quicker read than any other introductory book I can think of, and yet it actually does a good job of covering the basics. As such, it has its niche and a casual reader might see in it a perfect introduction to Python.

Two topics in which the Quick Book does a relatively good job are Windows and COM integration, and and the use of the gen package. The book also briefly covers Jython, C and C++ integration, regular expressions and Zope. Such an eclectic group of subjects is welcome in a whirlwind tour of the Python universe, but hardly sufficient to bring one up to speed to actually use any of it.

Again, it is a good, quick introduction to the world of Python. Given the book's title, it achieves its aim. Many will be happy and satisfied with this well written, if brief, book. At $40 it is worth its price to its intended audience.