I want to report that this book is a good introduction to the QT toolkit and to the use of Blackadder. I find both  them to be good and useful, and I am still studying both, as the subject matter is somewhat difficult for me and it requires a lot of work.

Actually, the book GUI Programming with Python and Using the QT Toolkit, is of great interest to me. I am considering QT as my primary GUI programming toolkit for Python. This is a very difficult area for me, and I am sure it will require quite some time and effort.

The book goes well with the BlackAdder IDE and GUI designer, which I have purchased from theKompany. I purchased the personal edition, which is inexpensive.

The book covers QT programming in general. This alone is a difficult subject. But the QT toolkit is very powerful, and is available on many platforms, including the Linux based Sharp Zaurus. The book also covers the BlackAdder IDE, which is a big learning experience all by itself, especially since I have never before really used a GUI designer. BlackAdder is a complicated program.

My first reading of the book left me with the impression that it is well written and informative. After much soul searching, I have decided to really study the book intensively, which will be a big investment of time and energy for me.

QT does not strike me as the easiest GUI toolkit for Python, which honor I would reserve for EasyGUI and award runner-up honors to AnyGUI and PythonCard. But QT is certainly a powerful and full-featured toolkit, BlackAdder is a powerful IDE, and this book is a well written and erudite introduction to the topics. Not for the faint of heart, however, as the subject matter is not easy.

Ron Stephens