Python Standard Library

Python Standard Library, Fredrik Lundh, O'Reilly, 2001, 281 pages + CD-ROM.

This book is a collection of actual scripts and accompanying explanations, for each Python library module, written by the authoritative expert in the field, Fredrik Lundh. As such, it is absolutely indispensable to the Python professional and hobbyist.

Largely relying on Mr. Lundh's innumerable and profound contributions to the Python newsgroup over a period of years, the book is a work of art that could not have been created in a few months like so many of the computer books that are rushed to publication these days. This book is the true distilled wit and wisdom of countless dozens of hours spent in thought by an extremely intelligent and dedicated man. This book is worthy of respect.

I can not pretend to have read this book through in a straight line, although it is well written enough to lend itself well to that kind of educational pursuit. It is the kind of book though that I know I will turn to time and time again for many years, and always with a fruitful result.

In many cases already I have been able to consult the book on specific library modules that I have wanted to use, and always with excellent results.

Using this book will not make you a good Python programmer if you are not one already, but it sure will help you to improve over time. When reading this tome, I am reminded of a piece of well-worn advice from long ago, "there is no royal road to learning."

If you do any Python programming at all, this will be one of the best spent $30 you will ever spend, and the book will be a cherished reference book for a long, long time.