Learn to Program Using Python

Learn to Program Using Python, by Alan Gauld, Addison-Wesley, 2001, 288 pages.

This is a grreat book for someone who has no programming experience at all, who wants to learn programming. For this ultimate class of newbie readers, this book may be the best find of all. For more experienced readers, it may be a little too light; but even so, if you have read a couple of other Python books and are still puzzled, give this book a try.

The author really goes out of his way to explain all programming terms and concepts carefully, from first principles, in a way a neophyte can comprehend. He uses Python as his main tool, but he also uses Basic to illustrate some points. It really is a book about learning how to program, not just how to program in Python.

I heartily recommend this book for non-programmer's as a first book, it really is a classy addition to the field and it fills an important niche that was previously vacant.