Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Only Linux, only this particular operating system,

can manage to waste hundreds of hours over many weeks, going into months, in such a braindead, useless way.

I read the man pages, the info pages, and every book segment on cron, crontab, PATH, ENV variables etc etc etc that I could find, every one in Barnes and Nobles, every one in Borders.

But not one book, not one man page, and not one info page, mentioned that you must re-boot the darn machine before your cron changes took effect.

Oh, I know; you laugh. How could I be so dumb.

So dumb as to sit, night after night, anxiously watching top, for that elusive Python process to be spawned at 20 15 * * * , or at 25 10 * * *, .

Now I know why, once in a blue moon, cron myseriously worked and spawned a Python process at the magical witching hour; I most probably must have re-booted due to some other inane error I made, oh, say, once in every hundred tries at crafting a proper cron incantation to satisfy the Linux gods.

E Gads! of course I didn't use vi to edit my cron file!!!! I'm a braindead clueless newbie, you know? How in the world would I use vi???

Oh, I used every *other* editor under the sun. Being a *smart* braindead clueless newbie, I figured out that maybe any one editor might put unseen cypto characters in the ostensibly plain text file I typed and saved as my cron file. So I tried Kedit, Gedit, Kwrite and even OpenOffice.

Heck, I tried Kate, Joe and Xedit too.

But you know what; I'll tell you a secret. I am *glad* I wasted countless hours, on countless nights, for weeks, only to find that, because no man page, no info page, and no book at Barnes and Nobles nor Borders, mentioned some dumb fact like needing to re-boot for a new cron file to take effect (Editor's note: this only applies if your a braindead clueless dumb fart who can't use vi). I'm glad.

I conquered the machine. By brute force.

Who needs brains?

I can outlast the damn machine.

Ron Stephens

(Braindead Clueless Dumbfart Newbie)

thanks to one who came out of the woods, Cailin Coileach

Ron Stephens
The Linux Chronicles, .