Unique Apps for Apple's New Watch from Awaretek

Quietly and behind the scenes, Awaretek is working hard preparing to launch three truly unique and exciting new apps for the iPhone that are enabled to optimally use the upcoming Apple Watch.

One of these three apps will be the first to use a revolutionary new software technology that has been under development since Awaretek's inception. This new technology is a unique innovation and will be the basis of other future applications for the Apple iPhone, and ultimately other platforms as well. 

A small example of the application of this new predictive analysis software will be demonstrated, for free,  on this website on a real time basis in the very near future. Stay tuned. 

Apple will hold a major press conference on March 9 to unveil new information about the upcoming Watch. The actual product is expected to be on sale in early April, and the new Awaretek apps should be available at the same time or before. 

These are certainly interesting and stimulating times in the technology industry!

Chess Database off to a good start

AwareTek’s Chess Database is available on the Apple Macintosh App Store and is a PGN file reader, database and analysis program. You can download all the great grandmasters’ games from sites like http://www.pgnmentor.com/files.html and replay them one move at time, with real time analysis and suggestions. You can also play the game out from any position in the game from either the white side or the black side.

You can also input and store your own games and then play them to get analysis on good moves versus bad and etc., including a real time score that shows which side has the advantage at any given time. A positive score means white has the advantage and a negative score means black has the advantage. An advantage of +1.0 means white has approximately a one pawn advantage. 

The PGN file format is a standard and much information is available on the web. You will be surprised how much you can improve your game by using these tools. The functionality of Awaretek’s Chess Database costs hundreds of dollars from other sources and for other platforms. Chess Database for Mac costs $9.99 and is selling very well. 

Chess Database Released

Awaretek has released its first application for the Mac computer. It allows you to re-play grand master chess games move by move, with accompanying analysis. You can also take over and play either side from any point in the game.  

You can also keep track of your chess games using this chess database program. Includes the ability to open, edit and save PGN files containing a list of games. You can annotate your games and analyze them with a chess engine.

Chess Database is available from the Apple app store for $9.99. 

First Awaretek iPhone apps released

The first two Awaretek iPhone apps are now released and available for free download on the iPhone app store. One is a fun and  addicting little number game called CalcAttack. The other is a fun little utility called Decision Analysis. We'd appreciate any feedback, reviews or comments. Search in the app store for "awaretek" to find these apps.

These are the first of many more to come, some of which are almost ready for release.

There is also a larger app for the Mac computer called "Chess Database" that will be available in a few days. It allows you to replay all the Grandmaster games while giving analysis and commentary on the strategy and strength of each move and position. It also allows you to play out any Grandmaster game, from either side you choose, from any position in the midst of the action.

There's lots more in the pipeline. Stay tuned.


2015: Technology Trends to Watch

Change happens around the edges, where little things add up and gradually recombine to make a difference. Here is what to expect in 2015:

1. 2015 will be a year of significant developments in wearable computing. The big event will be the actual launch of the Apple Watch, which may legitimize the market for wearable computing much like the iPhone did for the smartphone. It will be stylish, popular and powerful. Numerous Android smartphones will compete with the Apple Watch and 2015 will also be a big year for smart glasses including the long delayed launch of a Google Glass product line. Expect Google Glass to be much more stylish and refined than the Explorer Edition.

2. 2015 will be a really big year for CERN and the high energy particle physics community. Trust me on this, I've been following this field for 40 years. After discovering the Higgs Boson, CERN shut down the Large Hadron Collider for maintenance and improvements and will turn it back on next year with nearly twice the energy level as before (up to 11 TeV). This is a Big Deal. Physics is the ultimate science underlying our electronics technology and after the mind boggling discoveries of relativity and quantum physics in the early 20'th century, physicists have created equally mind boggling new theories like string theory and supersymmetry, that unfortunately could not be tested experimentally. Until now, when we re-fire up the LHC. String Theory and Supersymmetry may fall by the wayside, but I expect new physics to come out of this that will affect our future. It doesn't get any bigger than this.

3. Quantum computing has progressed at what seems like a snail's pace over the last 20 years. Here's where change happens slowly and around the edges, imperceptibly. The underlying physics to be discovered with the LHC and elsewhere will ultimately help push quantum computing into reality. While we won't really start to reap the benefits for a decade, 2015 will be an important year for laying the groundwork for future quantum computing.

4. Python 3.5 will be released in 2015 and will be the version of Python to finally begin to show that the benefits of the switch from Python 2 to Python 3 are worth the price. When judged on a short term basis, I suppose Python 3 might look like  a failure. But in the long term, it was the smartest thing Guido van Rossum and his team of core developers could have done. It will cement Python's long term future.

5. Exciting developments in collective intelligence are afoot, mining the treasure trove of online data and refining it with intelligent algorithms to yield useful knowledge. This will be especially useful for social scientific data and trends. It won't quite be like Hari Seldon's psychohistory in Issac Asimov's Foundation series, but then Hari lives 11,000 years in our future. 

6. In very early 2015, Awaretek will release its first apps for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. I will be previewing them in this space starting in the next few days. All of these apps will be fun, useful, and easy to use. Some may be baby steps along the road to collective intelligence, if not psychohistory :-).

2015 will be most interesting. Watch this space!


Welcome to Awaretek

Awaretek, the domain name and URL, has been around since 1994 (hosted on something called Geocities from 1994 until 1997 and then on its own URL since 1997). Previously the home of two popular podcasts, "Python411, Computer Programming for Everybody" and "the Awaretek Podcast" exploring many areas of leading edge technology.

This post marks the rebirth of Awaretek as a company focused on using software and other technologies to enhance human life and make it more enriching. We will be producing applications for mobile and wearable computers with the expectation that this will evolve to include augmented reality, virtual reality, implantables and transhumanism.

While software and applications of all types are within our sights, there is a special interest in fun software that enhances human dignity in the social realm. We would like to attract a following of like-minded people who have similar interests.

Very soon we will announce our first apps for IOS devices and the Mac. Next year, apps for the Apple Watch will take center stage.

On this blog, we will also be commenting on the wearables industry, products and people. Recognizing that people are not robots and that modern life can be at times dehumanizing, we hope to make this corner of the world a little lighter, brighter and friendlier.

There will also be a new Awaretek podcast series exploring the latest wearable computing and related technologies.

Watch this space for frequent updates!



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